Choosing the Location of Your Outdoor Container Garden

Location of Your Outdoor Container Garden

When you decide to start an outdoor container garden, the perfect location is vital. The wrong location could spell disaster for your plants. A good location means that your plants will get the right amount of sunlight. It also means protection of your plants against outside damaging influences such as weather. Your container garden must be accessible for maintenance as well.

The first concern in choosing the right spot for your garden is the amount of sunlight that your plants will get. You might have to split your garden into different sections in order to achieve this. Too much sunlight can be damaging to some plants while too little can harm others.

If you have quite a few plants that need sunlight, and another bunch that require shade, you will either have to split your container garden into two sections, or provide shade for those that need it.

This task can be very simple for a container garden. If the part of your garden that will be shaded has only a few plants, a tarp can be used. Just make a frame with the tarp as its roof over the plants that are to be shaded for most of the day. This way you do not have to break up your container garden into two parts.

Earth Brown Resin Raised Garden Bed Grow Box1Street pollution can do irreparable damage to your plants so make sure that your garden is away from the street. Passing vehicles can stir up dust that settles on the plants, and their tires can throw rocks with a lot of force which can break the pots or tear up leaves on the plants.

Always keep your container garden as close to your house as you can. There are many reasons that you should do this. It makes the garden much easier to take care of and if it is too far from the house, you might consider it too much trouble to do upkeep on it.

If you live in a rural area, you wont have to worry so much about wildlife such as deer and rabbit munching on your plants if it is close to the house either. Animals prefer avoiding the human scent so if your plants are closer to the house, they will smell your scent instead of the plants.

Another practical reason to keep your garden close to the house is inclement weather. It is much easier to move your plants indoors when bad weather comes. High winds, too much rain and hail can tear up delicate plants. If you have had a container garden in one specific spot for years, you might have insects infesting your garden. Sometimes these bugs will come back to the same spot for food year after year. Rotating the location of your garden will discourage them from coming back.

However, if you are planting very large growing plants such as corn, you need to put them in the right spot the first time. These will be too bulky and heavy to move around. Careful consideration of the location that you put your plants is very important to the success of your container garden.

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