What Size Containers You Should Choose For Your Container Garden

Choose For Your Container Garden

When you are looking for the size of container your plants will go in for your container garden, choose according to the type of plant that will go in it because this is vital for it to grow successfully. If the pot that you choose is too small, the growth of your plant will be stunted. Although the size of the pot is very important, the material that it is made of is critical as well. This is because not all materials work well in certain areas of your container garden.

If you are thinking about adding a perennial, such as herb bushes, a large wooden container works best. Place these where they are easily seen in your yard. These wooden tub containers are the most expensive of plant containers, but wood is perfect for growing plants that will continue to grow for a year. They are also very good for plants that are going to be placed in a conspicuous location.

Wooden containers are best for the larger plants, such as wisteria, that will be in very visible plants in your container garden. Although they are a bit expensive, they last for a very long time. Be sure to get one that is treated on the outside but not on the inside. Treatments on the inside will bleed harmful chemicals into the soil that you use and will poison the plant. This is especially dangerous if you are growing vegetables tin your container garden that you plan to eat.

One of the most popular containers for a container garden is the plastic pot. This is mainly because these pots are much cheaper. But that doesnt mean that they are better containers. If you are only planning trying out this type of garden for one growing season, then plastic pots are the way to go. But if you are going to be doing this year after year, the something more durable would be practical.

Remember, although they look like they will last forever, plastic pots will warp and crack over time if left outdoors. Cracked pots are useless. They leak precious water and soil. These will eventually split and you will lose everything.

The second cheapest type of container is the terra cotta planter pot. However, you need to be careful with these because they do break quite easily. If you live in an area which experiences hard freezes during winter, you might want to choose a different type of container because terra cotta does not hold up very well in freezing weather if they are outdoors.

Fired ceramic pots are delicate but beautiful with many painted designs. These are pretty durable containers if taken care of. Normally you will find these with a glazed outside so that they appear shiny but are left unglazed inside. This is perfect since glaze can damage your plants if it gets into the soil.

What is even cheaper is making your own containers for your container garden from things around the house or yard. Most plastic containers are fine if they are a large enough size for what you intending on growing in it. Just remember to cut holes in the bottom for drainage.

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