Favorite Flowers for Your Flower Bed

Favorite Flowers for Your Flower Bed

The flowers that you choose for your flower bed is a deeply individual choice; however, you should also consider the colors and arrangements that are already a part of your landscape. Your new flowers should be able to complement the other plants that you have.

Among the most popular flowers in the world is the rose, which is known worldwide as the symbol of beauty and love. Its been mentioned in every form of media that exists. The red rose is especially symbolic of love.

There are other colors of roses though and each color has its own symbolism. You flower bed can actually reflect your personality and outlook. Yellow means happiness, white symbolizes purity and innocence. Pink means gratitude. Peach means the finalization of a deal and optimism.

Another flower that enjoys a great deal of popularity is the lily. What influence the meaning of the lily are both the color and the type of lily. The Calla lily symbolizes beauty while the white lily is a symbol of purity. Wealth and pride are symbolized by the tiger lily but beware of orange lilies as they are the symbol of hatred.

Daisies have always been a cheerful flower. These lovely blooms represent innocence, purity and gentleness. Lilacs, a symbol of fresh love, are a popular decoration for weddings. They are also a favorite flower to give to parents because they represent the love between parents and their offspring.

Tulips are also famous for their incredible beauty. Bold in color, they have a unique beauty that is theirs alone. Fame and romance are what these delightful flowers symbolize. If you want to send a message of love or passion, send red tulips! Sadly, it is hopeless love that is signified by yellow tulips.

Orchids are a tropical exotic flower. These sometimes require very strict growing conditions and have numerous significations in the Orient such as numerous children, love and refinement. Carnations signify health and inner energy. However, the significance of the message lies in the color.

Pink means that someone is unforgettable. Red means love and devotion. White means purity and love. However, avoid the yellow carnations as they are symbols of rejection and hatred.

Pansies are very colorful flowers but did you know that they are also edible and quite tasty when added to a salad? They are also used as cake decorations. These are symbols of loving consideration and thoughtfulness. Daffodils are supposed to show both personal regard and respect but are also a symbol of unfulfilled love.

There are many other instances of the emotional symbolism of flower colors, too many to list in this article. But this does give you a good idea of how important and personal the colors of the flowers in your flower bed reflect your personality.

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