Edible Landscape Plants Which Have Edible Flowers

Edible Landscape Plants Which Have Edible Flowers

It is common for people to plant flowers just for their looks alone. What most people dont know is that some plants have edible flowers. These are usually placed in what is called an edible landscape. Flowers can really perk up a salad with beautiful color and wonderful taste. You can also use these flowers for decorating cakes and other dishes as well.

Anyone who is familiar with herbology knows that flowers can be used to make teas, and the flavor extracts can be used as flavoring for candies, cakes, frostings, and other foods. Some flowers are actually quite good for your health. Roses, for example, have a very high Vitamin C content especially the rose hips.

Purple Podded Asian Heirloom Hyacinth BeanNasturtiums and marigolds also have a good bit of Vitamin C as well. Dandelions are famous for their Vitamin A and C content. Usually, if a flower isnt toxic, then it is technically edible but it might taste horrible. This means you should use caution when choosing edible landscape plants. Some edible plants have lethal look-alikes. If you have allergies, such as hay fever, you should never try to eat flowers.

Make sure before you eat any kind of flower to make sure that it has not been treated with any kind of pesticide. And be very sure to only choose fresh blooms instead of wilted ones. Only eat edible flowers in small amounts.

Some people experience mild side effects if they eat large amounts of edible flowers. Never eat a flower that you know nothing about and some flowers should NEVER be eating. Lily-of-the Valley blooms are deadly. Other flowers to avoid eating are hydrangeas, azaleas, daffodils, wisteria, lupines, hyacinths, castor beans, rhododendrons, sweet peas, clematis, bleeding hearts, oleander, and calla lilies. This is only a partial list of toxic flowers.

Always do research before consuming any sort of flower. You also need to check the varieties of flowers as well. This is why, for edible landscaping uses, you should concentrate on perennials. Below you will find the best edible plants to use for landscaping.

Dianthus- comes in beautiful shades of pink, red and white. It taste is close to that of cloves.

Daylilies- has a variety of colors and tastes like squash or asparagus.

Red Clover-the flowers are a delicate red or pink. Tastes light and sweet.

Tulips- the brightly colored flowers have a mildly sweet taste.

Violets- flowers have a sweet, sour taste. Flowers are purple, blue, white and pink.

Chives-blossoms are in pink globes. Chives are sometimes used as a substitute for onions.

Bee Balm-the flowers of this beautiful plant are pink, red, white and lavender. These flowers taste a little like tea.

Hollyhocks-the flowers are beautiful to look at with their bright colors, but have a bitter taste.

Borage-flowers have a cucumber taste and are blue, lavender and purple.

The good thing about perennials is that you dont have to plant them over and over each year because they come back on their own. So enjoy these edible additions to your edible landscape.

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