Why Your Gardening Is Made Easier With Raised Beds

Your Gardening Is Made Easier With Raised Beds

There are many ways in which gardening is made easier with raised beds. Difficult soil issues are easily put under control with this type of garden, pest control problems are minimized, produce harvest amounts double, weeds are not a problem at all, and water is greatly conserved.

Since raised beds for the garden provides superior draining for the soil, most plants benefit from this type of garden bed. When you use the raised bed gardening method, you dont have to limit yourself to just growing vegetables. Herbs, fruits and flowers will all benefit from the raised beds. It makes gardening so much easier.
In raised bed gardening, you dont have to till the soil. Instead, it is put into frames that are three to four feet wide and can be any length you wish. Usually, compost is added to the soil to add nutrients. It is then added to a wooden frame.

Plants raised in the raised bed frame are planted much closer together than in a traditional garden. In this way, the plant doesnt need as much watering and also prevents weeds from growing. Raised beds also extend the growing season. This means that you can plant earlier and your plants will grow much later in the season than they normally would. This means a higher harvest yield than you would normally have.

If you have soil that is not the greatest, you can improve the soil in your raised bed and not use the garden at all. If you start with fresh soil, then it wont matter that the soil in your garden isnt right.

There also is no danger of accidently stepping on plants with the raised bed garden. This also keeps the soil from becoming packed down in the garden so that the roots are able to penetrate the soil easier. The soil under the bed doesnt need to be tilled either if you would rather not do this. Tillers are expensive and some people cannot afford them and cannot handle the machine either.

With the raised bed, you wont have to water near as much either. Raised bed soil retains more moisture than the regular gardens do. This is perfect for saving both water and money. You can use a plywood base to put the frame on and then raise it to any height that you want. This allows the handicapped and elderly to take care of plants that they grow too.

Raised bed gardens don’t have nearly as many threats of diseases to get rid of but if they do make an appearance, you can easily get rid of them. Since you begin with fresh soil, the threat of disease is almost non- existent. If it does become infected, just throw the soil away and start over again.

Insects arent as much of a problem either. They are much easier to get rid of in such a small space. You can see any potential problems much quicker and get rid of them before they take over your garden.

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