Plants Which Are Common To Rock Gardens

Plants Which Are Common To Rock Gardens

If you plant to include plants in your rock garden, then the first thing that you need to do is a little research to find out which plants are available for your area and growing zone. You can check online to find out what growing zone you are located in.

This zone information includes details on how cold it gets in your area and whether or not a plant will thrive in your area. The key information that you will need from the planting zone chart is whether or not to choose an any zone plant if you live in colder areas. All of the other areas will probably meet your needs.

Another thing to think about is how much sunlight exposure your garden will get. If the plants that you put in your rock garden are going to require a lot of sun, then it would be a waste of time and effort to put it in a shady area.
You should avoid using any plants that are poisonous. These would be dangerous for both you and your family. Some plants do well in any area and grow all year long and would be perfect choices for your rock garden.

Some, such as Basket of Gold require only a couple of hours of sunlight while Green Carpet needs even less sunlight. Some plants which do need full sun are Dwarf Yarrow, Stone cress, Oregano, Sulfur Flower, Sea Pink, Alpine Aster, Ice Plant, Whitlow grass, Mountain Avens and many more. Do some research online because some of the full sun plants are deadly.

For those who have an area which gets three hours of sunlight daily, go with Sheep bur, Pinwheel, Carpet Bugle, and many more. There are too many to list in this short article. Be careful with these plants as some of these are also poisonous.

If you only have shady areas for your rock garden, there are plants available for that condition as well. Plants such as Rockery Orchid, Primrose, and Hens and Chicks all love total shade. If taller plants are you hearts desire, then the Pinwheel, Windflower, Alpine Columbine, Shooting Star, Sulfur Flower, Coral Bells, Coral Bells, and Lewisia.
If you prefer the shorter plants, there is Sheep bur, Creeping Bellflower, Hens and Chicks, Trumpet Gentian, Dwarf Babys Breath, Green Carpet, Rockery Orchid, Stonecrop, and Woolley Thyme are perfect for you.

There is something for everyone in every area which is suitable for your rock garden. If you carefully match up the temperature, sunlight exposure, and moisture requirements, then you will be able to have a maintenance free rock garden year round which you and your neighbors can enjoy. With a little intense planning, you can even match colors to make your rock garden even more attractive.

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