Some Design Tips for Your Flower Garden

Some Design Tips for Your Flower Garden

Designing your flower garden, especially if it is your first one, can seem overwhelming at first. Planning your garden layout is a lot easier done before planting can be a lot easier than after you plants are already in the ground. Its vital that you get this right the first time so that the plants roots are not damaged from being moved around. You want your flower garden to look good from the start.

If you are the artistic type, then it will be very easy for you to come up with a wonderful design for your garden. But if you are like most of us, you will have a hard time choosing colors, picking a location, deciding on which types of plants that you want, etc. This is always a problem for most people. But it doesnt take an artistic genius or a professional landscaper to create a wonderful and colorful garden.

One of the top priorities in designing your flower garden is textures. The shapes and heights of your flowers should be varied so that each is easily viewable. Different sizes of blooms, different leaf shapes and varieties should be chosen. Variety of your plants adds excitement and beauty to your flower garden. You dont want all of the plants to look the same or have the same color of blooms.

Keep the growing season of each plant in mind when you are picking the plants for your garden. Youll want to keep it blooming as late into the growing season as possible, but you might pick a certain season of the year as your focus.

If you desire blooms for the most part in the spring, then pinks and purples are a good place to start. Or, you could choose tulips in yellows and reds. There is a wide variety of spring time plants which have yellow blooms, so that makes yellow a classic spring color.

Whites, blues and reds are fantastic for July! But dont feel restricted by those colors. Spring and fall colors are nice for the summer flower garden as well. For the fall season, yellow, red and orange are the traditional choices. They go well with the yellow, red and brown of fall leaves. African marigolds are a perfect choice for fall gardens.

Although these colors arent a strict format, you will want colors that blend well together. You wouldnt want to mix pinks, purples and oranges. You can also pick a wide choice of colors for a wildflower garden.

A wide range of mixed colors is fine for the wild and natural look, but for a more organized and refined flower garden, choose colors that blend well together. This gives the garden elegance.

Always take into consideration how high the plant will get so that none of the blooms are obscured from view. Taller plants should be placed in the back of the garden if you are planting against a wall or near a border. Then plant the ones which are gradually shorter in a staggered fashion. This will make all of the flowers in your flower garden easier to see.

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