Favorite Plants for Edible Landscapes

Favorite Plants for Edible Landscapes

There are many edible plants that would look perfectly wonderful in an edible landscape, but some of them are more preferred over others. Some of them dont look as pretty later in the growing season. Some of them have leaves which turn dark and ugly over time. You want your plants in your edible landscape to have a good taste, but you also want them to keep their beauty as long as possible.

In this article, you will find information on the best choices for edible plants to include in your landscape. These not only look very attractive but also require minimal care and provide some very good edible qualities.

Golden Streaks is akin to the mustard plant and has heavily serrated (saw shaped) leaves in a beautiful golden topaz color. It has a strikingly mild and sweet taste. This is a beautiful plant that has an awesome flavor. It compliments any edible landscape.

Hansel Hybrid is a very amazing looking plant. It grows to a height of two feet and produces clusters of finger size eggplants which have a very deep purple color.

Another beautiful addition to the edible landscape is the Pesto Perputo. With variegated leaves, this one to two foot plant has rich green leaves which are trimmed in white. These leaves have a rich Greek-basil flavor which can perk up the plainest stew or soup. It also enhances any landscape.

The beautiful Purple Peacock is a cross between two different varieties of kale and broccoli. Its stem is a deep purple and the top of the plant is loose and purple.

A wonderful variety of pak choi, a Chinese vegetable, the Violetta Hybrid is brilliantly green. It has attractive purple leaves that contain a higher nutrient value than most greens.

A colorful type of mini-bell pepper is the Red Popper. Although the fruit is rather small, only 2 inches in diameter, it is packed with sweet and delicious flavor. The bright red fruit looks very attractive against the green leaves.

Sweet Lace is a type of grape which grows on a small vine that is convenient for those who like to have a patio garden. These have very pretty leaves and in September it is heavy with white grapes. You can grow these in containers and you can also train them to grow up a trellis. They are very beautiful when climbing up a wall.

Purple Mizuna is a very good tasting type of green. They are full of tangy taste, and are very quick to grow. Mizuna is a naturally beautiful green, but this purple variety really looks great in the edible landscape. There are many other beautiful plants which look fantastic in your landscape. Just do a little research and you will find what works best for your growing area.

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