Why Container Gardening Is Preferred?

Container Gardening

When you step back and look at your container garden, you cant help but wonder why this method isnt more popular. More traditional methods of gardening remain the most popular; although a slight increase in those who do container gardening has been seen. Growing your plants in containers has many benefits. One of these benefits is that it is more accessible to others. Even those who are handicapped can enjoy this method of gardening because it makes the plants so much easier to reach.

Many who are confined to a wheelchair like to put their potted plants easily within reach on a low table. Those who are elderly and are no longer able to work in a traditional garden are able to enjoy their favorite hobby by having a container garden so that they can adjust the height of their plants. This makes pruning and other maintenance much easier.Even children love the ease of this type of garden because there is no raking, weeding or hoeing to be done. Adults arent necessary to till soil for this type of garden either. Plants can be easily moved if need be as well.

If you have your garden outdoors and inclement weather comes, you can move your plants to a safer location. If you do not plan your garden wisely and it gets too little sun or too much, just simply move them to a better location. You can even move them around if you do not like the way that they look in the spot they are currently in. You wont see the diseases in your container garden that you would in a traditional garden. Although there are a few diseases that occur in plants in containers, there are far less instances than with the more traditional garden. This is because potting soil is more disease free than regular ground soil.

You must be sure to keep your plants well fed so that they will be healthy. This is much easier to do when they are in containers. If your plants are confined to a small area of soil the fertilizer will be able to reach the roots much easier and will not drain away as it would in a more traditional garden. However, you will need to use fertilizer more often with the container garden simply because it is such a small area and there is a chance that this fertilizer will wash out more quickly. But your plants will still get more of the fertilizer in a container than it would in a traditional garden. Growing your plants in a container will extend the plants life.

During winter months, you can insulate your pots by wrapping them in blankets or other methods of insulation and this will keep the soil in the pots warmer than the ground soil. You can start your plants either indoors or use a cold frame and then move them outdoors when they are ready. You cant take these preventative measures with a regular garden and this is another point in favor of the container garden.

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